My Blue CosmET’IC
10/03/2021 - 12/03/2021

The sea is a source of Inspiration and able to nurture a diverse fauna and flora, but its balance is fragile and critical to protect. Recently, the sea started to be a source of inspiration for the cosmetic industry to develop innovative and sustainable products.
My Blue CosmET’IC is the international meeting of « Beauty & Sea ». The meeting will provide an update on the latest research and initiatives on the potential of marine and aquatics species applied to the Cosmetic industry, on safety evaluation and the regulatory requirements. It will bring together relevant scientists of the cosmetic industry and marine field, coming from international industries and academia. Come for two days of talks and a half-day of BtoB meetings in Laboratoire Arago, a historic place founded in 1881 at Banyuls sur Mer – the center of marine biodiversity and biotechnologies of CNRS & Sorbonne University.
Due to potential travel restriction, the meeting will be hosted both physically and virtually.
Issues and Challenges for the Cosmetic Industry
A Healthy Sea
A Regulated Sea
Initiatives & Outlook
Biodiversity, Biodegradability, Biomimicry & Natural marine environment
Discussions with start-ups, posters and lab visits
J-F. Ghiglione: Observatoire Banyuls
S. Bruzaud: Université Bretagne Sud
X. Ormancey: Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique
M. Leonard: L’Oréal Research & Innovation
J-Y Berthon: Greentech/ Greensea
C. Willemin: T.T.S. & IFSCC Former President
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