IFSCC Award Winners - KOSMET

La IFSCC presenta los investigadores premiados en los Award Winners desde el año 2016. Para poder optar a estos premios, se deben seguir las indicaciones establecidas en la página web de KOSMET, la cual se puede acceder a través de la página web oficial de la IFSCC.

KOSMET es la base de datos en línea más completa del mundo especializada en información sobre la ciencia y la industria de los cosméticos. Producida y propiedad de la IFSCC, KOSMET se concentra en temas de ciencia y tecnología cosmética, dermatología, literatura toxicológica y otras publicaciones científicas relacionadas con los cosméticos.

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IFSCC Award Winners since 2016

Best Basic Research (Congress only)

2020 Tomonobu Ezure - Shiseido                       New horizon in skincare targeting the facial-morphology-retaining dermal "dynamic belt"

2018 Tomonobu Ezure - Shiseido                       New skincare paradigm targeting the skin anti-aging system, the dermal cell network

2016 Daniel Velleman - L'Oréal                           Translating the human hair surface state into sound


Best Applied Research (Congress only)

2020 Sacha Salameh - L'Oréal France                 A perfusable vascularized full-thickness skin model for topical and systemic applications

2018 Torsten Ertongur-Fauth - Brain AG           Towards Novel Bioactive Antiperspirants for Cosmetic Applications

2016 Rainer Voegeli - DSM Nutritional Products             The presence of essential and non-essential stratum corneum proteases


Johann Wiechers Award (Conference only)

2019 Kazuki Takagaki - Shiseido                        Holistic Beauty – 3-dimensional Macroscopic Visualization Of Vasculature In Skin And Its Physical Relevance In Skin Aging

2017 Kazuyuki Miyazawa - Shiseido                   Development of a shield technology to keep off air pollutants – Contribution to healthcare through a biocompatible polymer

2015 Sakata, Abe, Mizukoshi, Gomi, Okuda - Pola Chemical             Breakthrough in Improving the Skin Sagging with Focusing on the Subcutaneous Tissue Structure, Retinacula cutis



Poster Award (Congress and Conference)

2020 Hisashi Mihara - Takasago Int'l Corp                      How can we control unpleasant body malodor effectively?

2019 Marisa Meloni & Francesca Rescigno - VitroScreen Srl          New Insights On the Role of Adipose Tissue by using 3D Scaffold Free Organoids

2018 Keiko Nagami - Milbon Co (Japan)              Predicting one's future hair condition

2017 Petra Huber - ZHAW (Switz)                        How far can we predict sensorial feelings by instrumental modelling?

2016 Tomonobu Ezure - Shiseido                       he sweat gland as a breakthrough target for anti-aging skin care


Host Society Award (Conference only)

2019 Vito Rizzo - Univ. of Bari (Italy)                       One Pot Environmental Friendly Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Using Snail Slime For Cosmetic Applications

2017 Eun Bi Ko - AmorePacific (Korea)                   Genotype-phenotype interaction analysis of skin properties via genome-wide associations studies in 411 Korean females

2015 J Lozza, D Schmid, F Zülli - Mibelle (Switz)            Magnesium-Carboxymethyl-Glucan: A new Compound to Combat Atopic Dermatitis


Henry Maso Award (Congress only)

2020 Ka Peng Lee - Wipro (Malaysia)                  Unveiling new science of skin glycation from molecular characterization to clinical validation.

2018 Nelly Dubrulle - DNA Gensee (France)                  DNA metabarcoding as a tool to trace plants of interest in ingredients or cosmetics.

2016 John Jimenez - Belcorp (Colombia)             Application of Eye-Tracking Methodology for Fragrance Evaluation