The Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SEQC) was founded in 1958 in Barcelona by a group of chemists formed by Jordi Artigas, Matías Albiol, Carles Susana, Joan Rafols, Agustí Contijoch and Miquel Fenollosa, with two clear purposes: to establish contact with other professionals pursuing their activity in the cosmetic field and to establish relationships with foreign cosmetic societies. The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) was created in 1959, the SEQC being one of its founding members.

Dr. Jordi Artigas, professor of General and Analytical Chemistry at the University of Barcelona, was elected as the first president of the new Society, and in 1962 he was appointed president of the IFSCC, being the first of the four Spanish presidents that the International Federation has had. The other Spanish presidents were the following: Francesc Coll Serra (1970), Jordi Puig Martin (1986), Carlos Pelejero Cabruja (1993) and Xavier Romeu (2008).

A milestone in the achievements of the SEQC along those years was the organization of the 6th Congress of the IFSCC held in 1970 in Barcelona.

Also, in the seventies, the SEQC organized several "Perfumery Days" which were annual meetings that gathered all those working in the various fields of Perfumery. The 14th Congress of the IFSCC, the second one organised by the SEQC in Barcelona in 1986, was the event that boosted the Society to its present development.

The organisation of the World Perfumery Congress, held in Palma de Mallorca in 1991, was another relevant event in our history.

Equally important was the International Conference IFSCC entitled "Biocosmetics and Skin Aging" organised by the Society in 1993 in Platja d'Aro, Girona.

In 1996, the SEQC was co-organizer, together with the French Society and the Italian Society, of the first Mediterranean Congress of Cosmetics held in La Grande Motte, France.

In 2008, the SEQC organised the 25th Congress of the IFSCC in Barcelona, with the theme "Building Cosmetics… + Research +Technology +Culture".



Presidents of the SEQC
Jordi Artigas
1957 - 1966
Joan Maymó
1966 - 1969
Carlos del Val
1969 - 1972
Josep Cortina
1972 - 1974
Ramón Boté
1974 - 1978
Jordi Bial
1978 - 1982
Francesc Balaguer
1982 - 1986
Amadeu Bajona
1986 - 1990
Joaquim Sisto
1990 - 1994
Gemma Campos
1994 - 1998
Francesc Casadó
1998 - 2002
Xavier Romeu
2002 - 2004
Ricard Armengol
2004 - 2008
Manuela Bermúdez
2009 - 2012
Juan Lemmel
2013 -