Advances in Water-Resistant Sunscreens (webinar)


An even coat of sunscreen is necessary to ensure the product can do its job. Unfortunately, in real life sweat and water can interfere, leading to less-than-optimal results.

Satoshi Yamaki will discuss recent research at Shiseido which led to new technology which uses water or sweat as a force to maintain the even coat.

You will learn:

    The importance of coating film uniformity
    Existing water-resistant technology
    Interactions between coating films and water/perspiration
    New water-resistant technology: producing a uniform film upon exposure to water


Satoshi Yamaki is a Senior Manager of Shiseido Americas Corp. in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. His professional background covers sunscreen formulation, skin care, hair care, and novel cosmetics. He has also conducted basic research on ultrathin film as artificial skin, and the photostability of organic UV filters. Mr. Yamaki has both his BSc and MSc from Saitama University, and is currently working on his MBA from New York University.