Getting Started with Cosmetic Rheology (webinar)


Have you used simple viscometers for years, and wondered what all the fuss is about with rheology? How do you measure spreadability instrumentally? What about sensory properties? How do you predict physical stability of an emulsion or suspension? Where do you start understanding rheology for cosmetics without falling into a world of equations, terminology, and academic grandstanding?

Join The Rheology Guys for a tour of simple yet powerful and practical rheological concepts and tools for our industry. Have your questions answered in real and uncomplicated terms. Become familiar with the foundations of rheology, learn how to use various tools and techniques to characterise textures for marketing claims, benchmark competitors, deal with scale up, and predict stability.

With decades of communicating rheology to the masses, you don't have to be technical to get value from this webinar. They'll walk through and explain sophisticated concepts with examples drawn from everyday life, and ther own experience working in a leading rheology lab.

You will learn:

- Fondations of rheology:  Non-Newtonian behaviour, yield stress, elasticity, thixotropy and modulus in the real world.

- Cosmetic applications of rheology:  handling, stability, and sensory. Characterising physical behaviours and the rheology that defines them.

- Bringing it all together: Getting the most from your data. Communicatig ideas, and informing your peers.


Neil Cunningham is the Founder and CEO of the Centre for Industrial Rheology. Since starting in the field in 1995 he has successfully carved a niche consulting for the world's leading manufacturers of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods and many other products. Neil has trained and advised thousands of scentific personnel in the principles and practical application of rheology and viscosity testing and has gained a reputation for his accessible, enthusiastic approach to rheology and his ability to convey seemingly impenetrable concepts to even the most non-technical person.

Joey Hodges started working for the Centre for Industrial Rheology in 2017 as a Technical Sales Rep for the Cosmetics and Food Sectors. His responsibilities now include overseeing the Centre's marketing efforts including creation of YouTube videos, editorial review of website articles, management of social media and generally helping educate the wider scientific community about simple practical uses of rheology in industry.