Minimally Disruptive Formulation for Skin-Care (webinar)


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Sobre el webinar:

This talk will cover techniques in skin care formulations.

+  ​​​​​​​Small changes to a formula can sometimes yield big changes in the finished product.

+  A “new” product can be created from an “old” product using Minimally Disruptive Formulation (MDF).

+  MDF can save on development time, regulatory approval time = save money.

+  If the substituted ingredient is less costly, could save on raw materials costs.

+  Webinar will discuss factors to consider when approaching MDF, and how to experiment with MDF.


Tony O'Lenick (USA).

For the past 20 years Tony O'Lenick served as the president of Siltech LLC, a subsidiary of Siltech Corporation, and the designated distributor for Siltech’s products in the US personal care market. O'Lenick is also responsible for teaching many new personal care formulators how to capitalize on the many benefits of silicones via his numerous educational pursuits, including several publications and countless speaking engagements. In 2018, he received the Maison G. de Navarre Award, the Society's highest honor.


16:00 h


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