Tips on Improving Emulsion Stability (Webinar)


You will learn:

  • Creating an emulsion is easy. But long-term stable and comfortable to use? Not so easy
  • Key Factors controlling Emulsion Stability
  • HLB and ISP (Integrated Surfactant Property) as an alternative parameter
  • AIM (Active Interfacial Modifier) to manage liquid/liquid interfacial property


Dr Kazutami Sakamoto is currently Guest Professor of Dept. of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, Institute for Colloid and Interface Science & Research Center for Space Colony at Tokyo University of Science, Japan. He is a former professor of Graduate school of Pharmacy at Chiba Institute of Science for Cosmetic Science. He received his PhD from Faculty of Science at Tohoku University in 1980 in Japan. He has extensive R&D experiences, working in industry from 1971-2008 with Ajinomoto, Shiseido and Seiwa Kasei and in academia since 2008. He has elucidated pioneering research on the physicochemical properties of amino acid based chiral surfactants, chiral mesoporous silica and cosmetic science for new material development and substantiations. Dr Sakamoto received the 39th Scientific award from Japan Oil Chemists' Society in 2005. He was a Chairman of Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry at The Chemical Society of Japan for 2007-2008. He is a fellow of The Chemical Society of Japan. Since 2018 he has served for ISO as a chairman of ISO/TC91 surface active agents. For IFSCC, he was the Award committee member for IFSCC Congress (2000, 2002, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016), presented Plenary lecture at IFSCC 27th Congress (2012), EMCEP Philippines Speaker (2018) and is incoming Editor for the IFSCC Magazine from 2021.