Fecha de publicación: 01-01-1970

Fecha de publicación: 01-01-1970
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Información de empresa
Eckart – SynCrystal
Eckart Application Proposal
Eckart – Mirage
Ecofil – Natural fillers for cosmetic and skin care applications
Eckart – Effect Pigments and Rheological Additives
Silverdream – Metallic effects for solvent-borne nail polishes
Synafil – Fillers for cosmetic and skin care applications
Visionaire – Metallic effect pigments for decorativecosmetic applications

Acta Asamblea

Informe Final - Generalitat de Catalunya

Catálogo ingredientes
Catalogo 1
Catalogo 2

Guia Conservacion
Mercado Reino Unido

Estatutos aprobados el 9 Julio 2020

Catálogo de servicios


Catálogo Care Motives
Catálogo Care Actives

Non-animal Methods in Science and Regulation

Instrucción fraccionamiento productos cosméticos

Programa Científico Hair Care Summit

Limsa Presentación

Programa en pdf

Determination of free formaldehyde in cosmetic products
Determination of hydrogen peroxide in cosmetic products
Determination of polar N-nitrosamines in cosmetic products using liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry
Nano-specific alternative methods in human hazard/safety assessment under different EU regulations, considering the animal testing bans already in place for cosmetics and their ingredients
Structured Product Labeling (SPL) Implementation Guide with Validation Procedures
Guidance on essential oils in cosmetic products
REGLAMENTO (UE) 2023/2055 DE LA COMISIÓN de 25 de septiembre de 2023
Save cruelty-free cosmetics – Commit to a Europe without animal testing
Safe cosmetics for young children A guide for manufacturers and safety assessors